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Employment with The CaPTA Group

The CaPTA Group is an equal opportunity employer, with its operations covering a vast region across the Tropical North, from as far North as Mossman, Cairns region and West to the Atherton Tablelands.

From wildlife keeping, coach driving, retail, sales, accounts, administration, horticulture, and food and beverage, the CaPTA Group has a wide variety of career paths for job seekers to pursue.

In 2008 the Capta Group of Companies developed and implemented a Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) to increase employment for local indigenous people and this is implemented across the CaPTA Group as a whole. The Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) is specifically tailored to assist Indigenous employees with long term employment goals, whilst at the same time as providing them with the support of an Indigenous Mentor and linking into many Indigenous community organizations to assist in developing their career pathway. 

Indigenous Mentor  - The Key Ingredient


The Capta Group of Companies is proud to have an indigenous employment engagement of 11% across the group in 2013.

In July 2008, CaPTA in conjunction with the Career Training Institute of Australia (CTIA) formed a new training organisation - Careers Training Centre. The centre enables individuals and businesses alike to increase skills and broaden employment opportunities through education and training within the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Far North Queensland.

The strategic alliance with CTIA allows Careers Training Centre to develop and deliver tailor-made, flexible, reliable accredited training to employees of the Capta Group of Companies to promote customer excellence and formalise the skill and knowledge of our staff.

The Qld Tourism Industry Council in 2009 invited the Capta Group to join a group of employers by to be part an ‘Indigenous Employment Champions Network'. This project is the first of its kind within Queensland and aims to increase operators' awareness of how to encourage and maintain increased participation of Indigenous Australians within mainstream tourism businesses.  The Indigenous Employer Champions with the support of QTIC has developed an Employer Education and Awareness Strategy, which is delivered to industry colleagues through a series of networking events and opportunities which Capta is committed to supporting.
In 2012 the Capta Group of Companies was invited to be part of the Cairns Training Ambassadors program - an initiative of Queensland Apprenticeship Services, recognising individuals who use best practice principals or unique and original methods and strategies to mentor apprentices and trainees

 Cairns Training Ambassador Information

The CaPTA Group continues to lead the way in skilling staff for the future in offering full time and part time traineeships as well as school based traineeships across the Tropical North region including guiding, retail, sales, accounts, administration, horticulture, and food and beverage to name just a few.

In addition to formal training options, CaPTA also offers a wide range of Internal training including supervisor training, customer service, conflict resolution, communication skills, time management, conducting successful performance reviews and appropriate workplace behaviour. All of our Supervisors and Managers partake in internal training to assist with professional development and meet regularly to ensure a full support network and mentoring by senior managers and Directors for the Supervisors that are new to the role.

Across its companies, CaPTA also has regular Staff Excellence Awards and Bright Ideas to recognise outstanding achievements and new ideas amongst its employees, culminating in an inaugural award for an overall winner.


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