CaPTA Group wants a Council that supports tourism

The locally owned and operated Woodward Family CaPTA Group has decided to support Bob Manning’s Cairns Unity Team and their commitment to the tourism industry, with signage being added to several Tropic Wings coaches ahead of the upcoming local election.

Under Bob Manning’s leadership, the Cairns Regional Council committed $3 million to the Cairns region for the tourism industry in the most recent budget; a 600% increase from the $500K committed by the previous Council.

CaPTA Group Chairman Charles Woodward said the investment made by Bob Manning and the Cairns Unity Team was vital to ensure Cairns and the tourism industry continue to grow and flourish.

“We are in a tourism growth period at the moment, and it is critical that the tourism industry receives this level of support from Cairns Regional Council to ensure the growth continues,” he said.

“Tourism is the backbone of Cairns, and a thriving tourism industry has a great impact on the Cairns economy and jobs.”

“We call on the Jim Brooks Connect Cairns party to at least commit to the same level of support for tourism.”

The Cairns Unity Team also has a close connection to the CaPTA Group – Cr Jessie Richardson’s husband, Peter, is a driver with Tropic Wings Cairns Tours & Charters, one of the companies in the group.