Koala Live Cam

Want to see what our Koalas are up to? Our Koala live cam gives you a glimpse into what they are up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our koalas are most active right after they get their new gum. Check in to our Koala live stream at midday (AEST) to see them wake up for lunch!

Facebook Live Streams

Want to learn more about our animals? Want to see what goes on behind the scenes at a wildlife park? Watch our Facebook live videos and join our wildlife keepers as they look after our wildlife during the lockdown.

Be introduced to some of our adorable wildlife and learn more about our array of Australian animals as our keeper takes us into our enclosures and we get up close and personal with our resident wildlife.


Our current Facebook live Schedule

Enjoy our adorable wildlife from the comfort of your home by tuning into our Facebook live videos.

capta facebook live schedule

Join us every Thursday at 10am AEST for Facebook lives rotating from Wildlife Habitat, Rainforestation Nature Park, Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome and Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.


Watch our previous Facebook live videos

cairns zoom and wildlife dome facebook live

Episode 1– Wildlife Keeper Ben takes us behind the scenes and shows us how the animals are doing during lock-down. Enjoy crocodile feedings, including our 4.5 metre Saltwater crocodile Goliath!

Episode 2– We join Amanda and Wildlife Keeper Chloe as they show us adorable Rufous Bettongs. Chloe has hand-raised these adorable marsupials herself and shares her knowledge on these cute mammals.

Episode 3– In this Mother’s Day special, Chloe introduces us to the rescued wallaby joeys that she is raising at home.

Episode 4– Chloe and Amanda show us the parks carnivorous birds, including rare white Kookaburra, Snowy.

wildlife habitat facebook live videos

Episode 1 Part 1– Jeremy and Bec head to the Woodlands Habitat to feed our birds and introduce us to some of the residents of this Habitat.

Episode 1 Part 2– Bec feeds the birds in our Wetlands Habitat and we head into our Koala enclosure.

Episode 2- Jeremy and Bec take us into the Savannah Habitat and hand-feed our beautiful Wallabies and Kangaroos. Tune into the end to see the launch of something very special!

Episode 3– We get Casso-wary in this episode as Bec tells us all about this iconic rainforest big bird. We learn more about some of the parks resident snakes.

Episode 4– We head into the Nocturnal Habitat and learn more about some of the resident animals, including Spinifex Hopping Mice and Giant Burrowing Cockroaches.

Episode 5– Beaks, bills and feet! Tune in for a talking Magpie Goose, Black Necked Storks and more.

Episode 6– Jeremy joins Bec and Hollie to feed our resident Estaurine Crocodiles, including our giant male Babinda. We learn everything we need to know about these apex predators.

Episode 7– In this Mother’s Day special, Hollie and Courtney introduce us to the joeys that they are hand-raising and give us an insight into what it’s like to care for rescued wildlife.

Episode 8– KOALAS!! Jeremy and Bec tell us everything we need to know about this iconic Aussie marsupial.

Episode 9– Food, glorious food! Bec and Jeremy show us what our park residents eat.

Episode 10– We are taken behind the scenes with baby crocodiles!

rainforestation nature park facebook live videos

Episode 1– Rainforestation’s Wildlife Keeper Sharni introduces us to our Dingoes, Ned and Kelly and tells us all about this iconic Aussie species. Plus, we get up close and personal with our Koalas.

Episode 2– Amanda joins wildlife keeper Sharni to talk all things Macropod! We get up close and personal with some of our adorable macropods and learn more about our Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo, Jimmy.

Episode 3– Sharni tells us all about the endangered Tasmanian Devil and introduces us to Neville the Devil and Dennis the Menace. Plus, giant crocodile, Jack the Ripper is fed!

australian butterfly sanctuary facebook live videos

Episode 1– We join Robin at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary to learn all about our butterfly species. Plus, we are treated to a stunning butterfly release.

Episode 2– Amanda and Robin show us the sanctuary’s colourful residents and we learn about butterfly feeding, flight and more.

Episode 3– We learn everything we need to know about butterflies from knowledgeable keeper Robin.