CaPTA Excellence Award Grand Final Winner

CaPTA Excellence Award Winners 2018/19

capta excellence awards winner 2019 sharni thomas

Grand Finalist Winner 2018/19

Sharni Thomas
Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

Sharni has worked as a wildlife keeper for 9 years and has worked at Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas for 5 years. Sharni has a passion for all wildlife, but in particular crocodiles, after completing a crocodile catching course. She loves her job and all the people she works with and sees them as a family away from home.

Grand Finalist Nominees 2018/19

capta excellence awards winner 2019 sharni thomas

From left:

Dave Armstrong: Rainforestation

Rob Dean: The CaPTA Group

Evie Clinton: Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Sharni Thomas: Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

Chloe Schafer: Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome

Dorothy Johnson: Tropic Wings

CaPTA Excellence Award Winners 2017/18

Grand Finalist Winner 2017/18

Lana Wagemaker
Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome

Originally starting with The CaPTA Group in 2006, Lana worked as an Army Duck Driver and Tour Guide at Rainforestation Nature Park. After moving away for some time, Lana returned to Cairns and started full-time with Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome as one of the very first ZOOM Guides.

Grand Finalist Nominees 2017/18

Courtney Maxstead
Wildlife Habitat


Deb Frankham


Anna-Rita Evans
Tropic Wings


Janelle McLean
Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

CaPTA Excellence Award Winners 2016/1

Grand Finalist Winner 2016/17

Bruce Davies

Bruce started working for Rainforestation as Head Chef in November 2001 and is the recipient of the overall 2017 CaPTA Excellence Award. He is an innovative chef and is very in touch with what the market needs. He is an excellent leader as well as team player, with a quick wit and a joy to work with. Congratulations Bruce and thank you.

Grand Finalist Nominees 2016/17

Rabecca Lynch 2Sharni Thomas
Wildlife Habitat


Chloe Knowler 2Charmaine McIntyre
Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome


Samantha Roberts 2George Singleton
Tropic Wings


Tina Kupke 2Tina Kupke
Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Rabecca Lynch 2Jennifer Mejia
Capta Group


CaPTA Excellence Award Winners 2015/16


Grand Finalist Winner 2015/16

James Boettcher
Jungle Tours & Trekking

James Boettcher is a driver guide for Jungle Tours & Trekking and is the recipient of the overall 2016 CaPTA Excellence Award.  James was chosen as the CaPTA finalist and the overall winner because of his passion, dedication, and commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. We congratulate James and thank him for his efforts.

Grand Finalist Nominees 2016/17

Rabecca Lynch 2Rabecca Lynch
Wildlife Habitat

Rabecca was chosen as a finalist because she displays a commitment to her work which goes beyond working her rostered shifts.  She displays passion and enthusiasm in her daily work.  Rabecca thinks “outside the square” and strives for continuous improvement.  She is a team player with a positive attitude and is an outstanding role model for all those around her.

Chloe Knowler 2Chloe Knowler
Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome

Chloe is a Wildlife Keeper and ZOOM Guide and was chosen as a finalist because “she is our youngest brightest star at the Cairns ZOOM” according to Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome Manager Michael Bowley. Chloe is re-writing the record books because she is the youngest accredited Zoom guide since the park commenced operations in 2012. While not being satisfied with just one department, Chloe is studying a Certificate III in Captive Animals and is responsible for presenting reptile shows and conducting koala photos.

Samantha Roberts 2Samantha Roberts

Samantha is an Army Duck Tour Guide at Rainforestation and was chosen as a finalist because she will always “step up to the plate” and take the lead and not sit back and watch others do all the work.  Samantha always offers assistance in other departments if she sees that they are busy.  She is definitely a team player.

Tina Kupke 2Tina Kupke
Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Tina started with the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary as a Tour Guide in 2007 and is now the Laboratory Supervisor. She was chosen as a finalist because she consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.  She is efficient, extremely knowledgeable, always helpful and smiling and her genuine passion for breeding caterpillars is evident to everyone she interacts with.