CaPTA Group

CaPTAv8 with Attitude

CaPTA Group of Companies Customer Service Policy is based on CaPTAv8 the Customer with ATTITUDE

Each CaPTA staff member is an integral part of our organisation and everyone has a role to play in ensuring our customers have a world class experience. All employees must adopt an exceptional customer service ethos based on the statements below to ensure future success in the Cairns and Port Trips and Attractions Arena.

Attitude – I believe that a positive attitude is vital in ensuring all customers receive the best experience possible. By showing that I am passionate, respectful and interested in my position, both internal and external customers will experience the WOW factor which will promote repeat customers. In conversations with customers remember that before they buy anything they are buying your attitude – regardless of what you are selling.

Teamwork – A successful team is a team that shares the same passion, is respectful of each others needs, willing to learn and assist and have open communication. As part of the CaPTA team I will ensure that I am supportive and assist other team members at all times. I will connect with the company’s goals and objectives as well as my team’s objectives to assist in achieving the desired outcomes.

Time – It is my responsibility to manage my time and ensure that I am taking the time to engage with and acknowledge customers. I will prioritise my workload and plan my time so that it is utilised effectively. I will take time to increase my product knowledge as well as my knowledge of the local area to up sell and make suggestions to my customers.

Initiative – Each product CaPTA sells is individual and unique, it is my responsibility to ensure that I am familiar with all features and benefits of the product I will sell and take time to ask questions and experience the product. I understand the importance of keeping industry knowledge up to date and that the information I will supply timely, relevant and consistent information to customers.

Training – training within the CaPTA Group of Companies is an ongoing process, I will embrace the training opportunities provided to me and use this training to inspire and motivate others. Working in such a diverse workplace may allow me the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge which will enable me to work in different roles within the company. I am responsible about taking every opportunity to learn about the industry and the CaPTA Group of Companies.

Understanding – As part of my personal and professional development I will take responsibility for my actions, reflect on my performance and actively strive to achieve my full potential. I will take pride in my work and my personal presentation and understand that by leading by example my actions will speak louder than words.

Delivery – I will consider available resources (time and people) and always work as part of the team to deliver a friendly, helpful and professional experience for all customers. It is my responsibility to ensure that the information I am providing to customers is up to date, consistent and relevant and delivered to customers in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.

Engagement – Each customer who purchases one of our products has a unique set of needs and expectations.  By engaging with the customer and effective listening and observation it is my priority to ensure these needs are met and where possible exceeded. The best way and the fastest to show customers that you are there for them, is to listen and then respond. The 6 ft rule ensures that I engage with and acknowledge any customer within 6 feet of myself.

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