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The CaPTA Group is a local family-owned and operated business in Tropical North Queensland which offers a range of fun educational excursions at our four attractions; Cairns Koalas & Creatures in the city, Rainforestation Nature Park in Kuranda, Australian Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda Village and Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas.

We cover a range of educational topics, including native wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, Indigenous culture, and environmental ecosystems. Our various programs can be tailored to suit specific year levels and curriculum requirements.

Our sister company Tropic Wings has a high-quality fleet of vehicles that can provide coach charters for excursions and transfers over your duration in our region. Additionally, we can provide recommendations for high-quality local reef operators that are best suited to your group’s requirements.

Cairns Koalas & Creatures

Cairns Koalas & Creatures offers students a unique opportunity to encounter iconic Australian animals and delve into the wonders of Australia’s diverse ecosystems.

Students will enjoy coming face-to-face with endearing koalas, fascinating reptiles, and a vibrant array of native birds. Meet our dedicated keepers who are happy to share their knowledge to give students a deeper understanding of these remarkable creatures and their roles within their habitats.

Cairns Koalas & Creatures transcends a traditional wildlife experience by recreating diverse habitats like the Great Barrier Reef, Mangroves, Woodlands, Rainforests, and the Outback, so students can undertake a captivating learning journey. This educational environment ignites curiosity and encourages exploration while emphasising the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Cairns Koalas & Creatures empowers students to become responsible stewards of the environment. 

Cairns Koalas & Creatures presents an exceptional opportunity to enrich classroom learning, foster a love for nature, and inspire future generations of conservationists. 

Rainforestation Nature PArk

Rainforestation Nature Park is situated in the midst of the World Heritage Rainforest in Kuranda with 3 unique experiences. Board a World War II Army Duck for a tour through the rainforest on both land and water. Watch the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience with a traditional performance and Dreamtime Walk including boomerang throwing, spear throwing and didgeridoo playing. Get an up-close and intimate insight into Indigenous Culture on the Pamagirri Rainforest Walkabout. Visit our iconic Australian animals in the Koala & Wildlife Park, home to the endangered Tasmanian Devil. Enjoy lunch or snacks in the Colonial, Outback or Treehouse Restaurants.


Army Duck Tour

Board an original amphibious World War II Army Duck for a land and water adventure through the rainforest, as the Duck Captain identifies and explains fascinating plants, including ferns, orchids, strangler figs and the infamous stinging tree. Students will keep an eye out for turtles, fish, eels, birds, pythons and other reptiles on land.


Pamagirri Dance Performance

The Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience offers students the opportunity to see a traditional dance performance in the setting of a beautiful rainforest amphitheatre. This cultural experience is not only educational but fun, with the opportunity for willing students to get up on stage and join a dance!


Dreamtime Walk

To learn more about Indigenous culture, students partake in a Dreamtime Walk along the Rainbow Serpent walkway. They watch a display of traditional spear throwing and didgeridoo playing. They can also learn the art of throwing a boomerang and try it out for themselves. This smaller group experience allows students to freely ask their guide any questions they may have.


Wildlife Interactive Tour

The Koala & Wildlife Park has a plethora of native Australian species to see, including dingoes, a wombat, lizards, snakes, a tree kangaroo and a cassowary. Rainforestation is the only wildlife park in North Queensland to have Tasmanian Devils. A highlight for students will include Jack the Ripper, one of the largest crocodiles in captivity. Coming in at over 5 metres in length and weighing almost a tonne, he can be viewed from the safety of our elevated boardwalk.

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

With a visit to Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, your students can learn everything they need to know about butterflies and their life cycle. Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in Australia. Home to over 1,500 magnificent tropical butterflies including the striking blue Ulysses and majestic green Cairns Birdwing, the sanctuary is an all-weather experience in the heart of Kuranda that specialises in educational tours.

Students will be enchanted by these elusive wonders of nature as they wander through the aviary’s boardwalks and gardens and learn from dedicated guides about all aspects of butterfly life. It’s a science lesson they will never forget. The students can use our state-of-the-art microscope to view the anatomy and wing structures of the butterflies. They will also be shown pupae for each species that is bred in the laboratory, caterpillars in all stages of growth, and may even see caterpillars hatching out of their eggs!

Moths, such as the Silk Moth and the Hercules Moth, are also bred on the premises, so the students will be able to observe them at various stages in their life cycle. Our knowledgeable guides will take students through the aviary and breeding laboratory on a 30 minute tour, detailing a butterfly’s behaviour. At the end of the tour, students can also view the museum including our collection of butterfly specimens from all over the world.

Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Habitat is an experience you cannot get anywhere else. Engage, interact, adore, and be amazed by Wildlife you have never been this close to.  Hand-feed kangaroos, take a photo with a Koala, Swim with Salties, sing with the Birds. Love Australian Wildlife like you never knew you could: Swim eyes to teeth with huge Saltwater Crocodiles at the all-new Croc Arena. Marvel at stunning tropical birds in the reimagined rainforest with the sky high Licuala Tower offering unrivalled treetop viewing. Capture memories and snap a Feature Creature photo with a Koala. Explore five expansive natural habitats and interact with your favourite free-roaming wildlife. Experience dining amongst free-flying birds in Curlew Café and join our daily bird interactions. GO WILD!

Tropic Wings charters

Charter your group a quality vehicle with Tropic Wings – Cairns locally owned and operated family business.

We have a team of local and experienced staff members who can help plan your itinerary to suit your groups’ requirements

A popular 3-day itinerary


Day 1

Explore the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Natural Wonders of the World and a World Heritage Listed site, with one of our recommended reef operators for a full or half-day reef tour. Go swimming or snorkelling with some of the most beautiful creatures such as our turtles, dolphins and fish, in the world’s most sensational reef.


Day 2

Visit Rainforestation Nature Park, which is situated in the midst of the World Heritage Rainforest in Kuranda with 3 unique experiences. Followed by a visit to Australian Butterfly Sanctuary which is the largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in Australia. Home to over 1,200 magnificent tropical butterflies, the sanctuary is an all-weather experience in the heart of Kuranda that specialises in educational tours. Return trip from Kuranda on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.


Day 3

Wildlife Habitat takes participants beyond the classroom with an immersive experience. Students at all levels of education can observe a huge range of flora and fauna up close. Explore five open and spacious recreated ecosystems, where you have the opportunity to marvel at over 100 different species of wildlife. Interact with our colourful birdlife, hand feed kangaroos, view our adorable koalas and tree kangaroos, and be blown away by the power of the Estuarine Crocodile.  Learn about threatened species of the Wet Tropics including the endangered Southern Cassowary, Northern Bettong, Mahogany Glider and colourful Gouldian Finch. Join one of our feeding tours with our Wildlife Keepers which offers opportunities to feed an amazing array of wildlife. 

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