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The CaPTA Group is a leading tourism operator in the Tropical North Queensland region, offering visitors an unparalleled range of world-class nature-based, wildlife, and Indigenous cultural experiences. With four top-rated attractions, including the award-winning Rainforestation Nature Park, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and Cairns Koalas & Creatures, the CaPTA Group offers visitors the opportunity to explore and engage with the unique flora and fauna of the region in a variety of different settings.

In addition to these exceptional attractions, the CaPTA Group also operates 2 touring companies, Tropic Wings Cairns Tours and Jungle Tours, which provide visitors with a diverse range of touring experiences that showcase the stunning natural beauty of the region. These tours allow visitors to immerse themselves in the rainforest and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Traditional Owners of the land.

The CaPTA Group is committed to sustainable tourism practices that protect and preserve the environment, while also supporting the local communities that benefit from tourism in the region. With a focus on delivering high-quality experiences that exceed visitors’ expectations, CaPTA has become a trusted and respected brand in the tourism industry, attracting visitors from all over the world who are seeking unique and authentic travel experiences.

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Located in the picturesque Kuranda Village, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest live butterfly aviary and exhibit in the Southern Hemisphere, offering visitors a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of tropical butterflies. With thousands of these enchanting creatures fluttering about, visitors can take a guided tour through the free-flight aviary and breeding laboratory to learn about their life cycle and behaviour.

As you wander through the aviary’s boardwalks and gardens, you’ll be mesmerized by the elusive beauty of these delicate creatures. The sanctuary’s expert guides are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to provide a deeper understanding of the importance of these winged wonders in the ecosystem.

Wildlife Habitat

The award-winning and advanced eco-certified Wildlife Habitat, located in Port Douglas, is an immersive exhibit providing visitors with a chance to experience native wildlife across the Wetlands, Rainforest, Savannah, Nocturnal and Woodlands environments up close, in an open and interactive setting. Enjoy Breakfast with the Birds, join a guided tour, hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies, observe cassowaries, view Lumholtz’s tree kangaroos and have a photo taken with a koala!

Dive into the aquatic territory of the mighty Estuarine Crocodile at the popular CrocArena. This off-the-scale Swim with The Salties experience is the only one of its kind in Queensland and allows guests to swim eye-to-teeth with these terrifying apex predators and live to tell the tale!

Rainforestation Nature Park

Rainforestation Nature Park is an award-winning, family-owned park situated in the heart of World Heritage Tropical Rainforest, just a 30-minute drive from Cairns and ten minutes from Kuranda Village. Guests can enjoy a unique land and water tour aboard an amphibious World War II Army Duck, where drivers provide insights into the flora and fauna. Visitors can connect with local Indigenous culture by joining the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience, which includes a traditional dance performance and a Dreamtime Walk to learn about hunting with spears and boomerangs, and how to play the didgeridoo. For an interactive look into Indigenous cultures, guests can opt for the Pamagirri Rainforest Walkabout.

At the Koala and Wildlife Park, you can hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies and see a variety of unique regional wildlife, including Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo, Southern Cassowary, Saltwater Crocodiles, Tasmanian Devils, Dingoes, and a Wombat. Daily wildlife presentations and photo opportunities are also available.

cairns koalas & creatures

Cairns Koalas and Creatures is conveniently located in the heart of Cairns, providing a family and education-focused experience which will take you on a journey through Australia’s diverse landscapes. From the vibrant Great Barrier Reef, rich woodlands to the rugged Outback, learn about the importance of protecting our natural heritage. Come and immerse yourself in the wonders of Australia.

Enjoy a unique Koala Experience. Get up close and personal with these Australian icons and learn more from their devoted keepers. Purchase a souvenir photo with one of the koalas to capture the enchantment.


Tropic Wings Cairns Tours & Charters

Tropic Wings is an eco-friendly tour company and longest established coach company in Cairns, Australia, offering a range of day tours and packages showcasing the region’s natural beauty and unique wildlife. Explore the wonders of Tropical North Queensland, including the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. The popular Grand Kuranda tour features the first 100% electric coach on any day tour in Australia, along with visits to Kuranda Village, Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, and Rainforestation Nature Park. Tropic Wings tours will take you through the world’s oldest rainforest, Daintree National Park, the renowned Cape Tribulation, which takes in the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, and Mossman Gorge National Park, show you the best of Port Douglas, introduce you to some of the native animals at Advanced Eco Accredited Wildlife Habitat, and much more!

Jungle Tours

Jungle Tours offers a wide range of exciting experiences for nature lovers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the beauty and wonders of the rainforest. Led by experienced and knowledgeable guides, visitors can explore the unique flora and fauna while participating in activities such as indigenous smoking ceremonies, rainforest walks, waterhole swimming, and even a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Jungle Tours specialises in both day and extended tours of the World Heritage sites of Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Wilderness. During these tours, visitors can expect to visit popular sites such as the Wildlife Habitat, Mossman Gorge, and Cape Tribulation. Moreover, visitors have the option to upgrade for more immersive cultural experiences, guided walks, and unique swimming opportunities.

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